Arestovich promised a “long and tasteful” response of Ukraine to the attack on Kremenchug

Arestovich promised Ukraine's

Ukraine will not leave Russia's missile attacks on Ukrainian cities unanswered. In particular, on the Amstor shopping center in Kremenchug, Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the head of the President's Office, said on Feigin LIVE on Monday, June 27.

– It is clear that we will answer and answer for a long time, carefully and tastefully. And they will answer us… The war has taken the path of escalation. We will hit military targets – this is a question that is not discussed. Well, the goals of our bank are large, capacious and very bright,” he said and announced “some news” in the near future.

He added that Russia will continue in Ukraine and will do it every day – as much as it can withstand.

– I don't know how long the Russian Federation can withstand such a regime of cruelty. But they will beat every day, I'm sure. However, they won't be able to withstand such a 50 volleys for a long time. Of course, they collect missiles , – said the adviser.

He also commented on the jokes of the leaders of the G7 countries over Putin during the summit in Bavaria. According to Arestovich, this means that the West has finally realized that it will not be possible to reach an agreement with the Russian leader.

– The heads of the G7 were emotionally involved in the war. The decision has been made, there will be no rollback, otherwise there is no point in humiliating him. And this means that they will finish him off,” Arestovich strikes.

The representative of the Presidential Office noted that it took the West 124 days to understand that it would not be possible to agree with the head of the Kremlin.

– Only break. And, apparently, they are ready to break, – Arestovich emphasized.

The joke about Putin was made on June 26 during the discussion by the G7 leaders of the countries' further actions due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, sitting down at the table, asked his colleagues what to do with the jacket. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau replied that it was better to wait for the official joint photo, and already take off their jackets. The leader of Canada recalled a photo of Putin on a horse with a naked torso and said that it should be “it is necessary to arrange a demonstration of naked torsos while riding.”

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