Arestovich: The West needs not the defeat of the Russian Federation, but a weakened, but understandable “Putin's” regime

Arestovich: The West needs not the defeat of the Russian Federation, but a weakened, but understandable

Currently, Western countries are not interested in the military defeat of Russia and the lightning victory of Ukraine. The West needs a weakened “Putin's regime” and not a total defeat of Russia in the war, Alexei Arestovich, an adviser to the President's Office, said on Feygin LIVE on Wednesday, June 15.

– They need the same understandable Putin regime, grown by them to a certain extent, but weakened, under their control. Here is their goal. A lightning victory for Ukraine, which would have been if they had been handed over to us in the quantities that we ask, would have been in two or three months. The victory with such a real triumph of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and according to the launch of the crisis in Russia is not included in the plan of the West. That's how they plan and that's how they are. Nothing can be done about it,” the OP's adviser said.

According to him, anti-Russian sanctions will remain in effect until all parties that are “interested in dividing the market redistribute it, and the West has consent to this.”

– Russia's disintegration into 30 small states, where 30 Kadyrovs are fighting for a nuclear suitcase, the West does not need it. The West needs to show the Russian army the futility of the war and force it to sit down at the negotiating table in order to force it to a peace acceptable to the West. He does not need a brilliant triumph of Ukraine in this concept, so there are no large volumes of weapons, – the adviser shared his opinion.

Arestovich also added that the West has repeatedly been wrong and that its plans may not work this time.

– They have been wrong many times already. The concept of a soft exit from Afghanistan did not work, the concept of keeping a weakened Soviet Union under control did not work and may not work this time either. Moreover, I predict that it will not work for one simple reason. Since the Armed Forces of Ukraine manage to attack in the Izyum and Kherson directions, without yet having a package of Western aid, as the aid advances, sooner or later our troops will be saturated with the amount of ammunition, weapons, military equipment, which makes it possible to make this offensive in two directions more decisive and lead to iconic .. and military victories that are not replayed back. For example, the dismissal of Kherson,” said the adviser to the head of the Presidential Office.

The day before, the US Secretary of Defense said that in the near future a number of countries plan to transfer weapons to Ukraine to defend against the Russian invasion. Some states have pledged to train the Ukrainian military.


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