Arestovich told why the United States does not yet need a quick defeat of the Russian army

Arestovich told why the US does not need a quick defeat of the Russian army

Advisor to the Office of the President Alexei Arestovich believes that the US authorities will not yet provide Ukraine with weapons that could lead to the speedy defeat of the Russian army, because they do not know what to do with the post-Russian world. He said this on the air «Feygin Live».

«The American side has no concept of what to do with the post-Putin RF», &#8212 ; he noted.

According to Arestovich, the United States, accordingly, cannot carry out strategic planning and supply our country with funds (defeats – ed.) in an amount that will quickly turn the situation around, since &# 171;they won't have time to figure out what to do».

«As for ATACMS. Despite the request of our country, I am a skeptic. I do not think that the Americans will give before they understand whether they need a quick defeat of the Russian army, how fast they need a defeat… they do it not because they are villains, cynics, bastards and trade in Ukrainian lives. No. For one simple reason — they don't know what to do with post-Putin Russia or the post-Russian world…»,— summed up an adviser to the Office of the President.

  • The United States has officially allocated $1.85 billion in military assistance to Ukraine. It will include, among others, Patriot systems.

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