Ariana Grande soon to be married: a highly symbolic engagement ring

Ariana Grande will soon be married to Dalton Gomez! In a relationship with the Californian immbolier agent for nearly a year, the 27-year-old singer has just announced their engagement. He had the delicacy to think of a very special stone to dress the ring …
For Ariana Grande , 2020 is ending auspiciously. The American singer announced her engagement on Sunday, January 20, 2020. “Forever and a little more , ” the 27-year-old artist wrote on Instagram, posting a photo of her left ring finger, wearing a stunning set ring an oval diamond and a pearl. An original creation.

In 2014, Ariana Grande explained on Twitter that her grandmother had made a ring adorned with the same pearl, originally from the cufflink of her grandfather’s costume. ” She told me he told her in a dream that the pearl will protect me ,” she tweeted. It seems that this pearl is found today in her engagement ring. A very personal and delicate choice on the part of the future groom, Dalton Gomez .

This Californian real estate agent seems to have captured the heart of Ariana Grande in just a few months. Ariana and Dalton Gomez are indeed one of those couples who have decided not to leave each other after being confined together. They had formalized their relationship in the clip Stuck with U , in feat with Justin Bieber , on May 8.

” They couldn’t be happier, they are so impatient. It’s a very happy time for both of them and their respective parents are thrilled,” a source commented on People . Dalton Gomez and Ariana Grande are set to celebrate their very first year together in January.

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