Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 400 invaders per day and hit the location of the National Guard in Kherson

AFU destroyed 400 occupiers in a day and hit the location of the National Guard in Kherson

During the day on September 24, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 400 invaders, the total losses of the Russian army reached 56,700 people. This was reported by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The total combat losses of the enemy from February 24 to September 25 were approximately:

  • personnel — about 56700 (+400) people liquidated;
  • tanks — 2275 (+13) units;
  • armored fighting vehicles — 4832 (+25) units;
  • artillery systems — 1368 (+7) units;
  • MLRS — 328 (+1) units;
  • air defenses — 171 (+1) units;
  • aircraft — 259 (+4) units;
  • helicopters — 220 (+0) units;
  • UAV operational-tactical level — 966 (+10).;
  • cruise missiles — 241 (+1).;
  • ships/boats — 15 (+0) units;
  • vehicles and tank trucks — 3701 (+20) units;
  • special vehicles — 130 (+4) units

It is indicated that the enemy suffered the greatest losses over the past day in the Kramatorsk and Donetsk directions.

According to OK «South&# 187;, Ukrainian fighters inflict fire strikes on enemy concentration points, in particular, the National Guard in Kherson and the region.

«During the fighting day, the enemy inflicted 4 air strikes on the positions of our troops along the line of contact. In response, our aircraft worked out 5 strikes against two enemy air defense systems in the Kherson and Kakhov regions, and against three areas of concentration of weapons and equipment in the Berislav region & # 187;, & # 8212; says the message.

It is noted that rocket and artillery units completed 266 fire missions, including strengthening fire control in the area of ​​the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station, where the invaders are trying to establish crossings, and weakening the enemy army by three units command posts along the front line. The location of the National Guard in Kherson was hit, one of the enemy strongholds in the Davydov Brod area was suppressed.

According to the confirmed results of OK & # 171; South & # 187;, the occupying army was reduced by 57 people and 30 pieces of equipment, including 2 howitzers & # 171; Msta-B & # 187; and another 122-mm self-propelled gun mount «Gvozdika» and a self-propelled howitzer «Acacia», multiple launch rocket system «Grad», 2 command post vehicles and 19 units of other auto-armored vehicles.

The enemy continues aerial reconnaissance and attempted attacks using unmanned aerial vehicles. Two reconnaissance type «Orlan-10» destroyed in the Berislavsky district of the Kherson region and in Bashtansky in the Mykolaiv region. In the neighboring Mykolaiv region, a kamikaze drone «Shahed 136» was shot down.

Three enemy ammunition depots were destroyed in the Bashtansky region of Mykolaiv region, in Kherson and Berislav — in the Kherson region, respectively.

On combat duty in the Black Sea along the Crimean coast there are 3 surface and 1 underwater carriers of high-precision weapons with a total salvo of 28 sea-based cruise missiles «Caliber».

The rest of the 12-ship grouping of the enemy fleet is still maneuvering in the missile-prone area, with no attempts to approach the Ukrainian-controlled coast.

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