Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed equipment of invaders in Kherson region with Excalibur projectile

Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed occupying equipment in Kherson region with Excalibur projectile

In the Kherson region, soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the equipment of the invaders with a guided 155-mm Excalibur projectile. This was reported by the charity foundation «Turn back alive».

According to the foundation, aerial reconnaissance officers found «Lelek-100» occupiers' equipment, and then the gunners destroyed it with one powerful blow.

It is noted that the Ukrainian defenders fired a 155 mm M982 Excalibur high-precision guided projectile. You can fire them from any modern artillery system of the NATO standard. For example, from the American M777 howitzer or the French CAESAR.

Excalibur hits objects at a distance of up to 70 km. It has satellite navigation, so for an accurate shot, the target does not need to be illuminated with a laser. You only need to know its coordinates. They are reconnoitered, in particular, with the help of «Leleka-100» drones.

  • British intelligence reports that the invaders are strengthening the defenses in the south and preparing for battles for Kherson.

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