Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the head of the missile troops and artillery of the 35th Army of the Russian Federation

Ukrainian Armed Forces killed the head of missile and artillery forces of the 35th Army of the Russian Federation

Colonel Boris Totikov, head of the Missile Troops and Artillery of the 35th Combined Arms Army of the RF Armed Forces, was buried in Russia. This was reported by journalist Yury Butusov on Facebook.

According to him, on the eve of the counteroffensive near Balakleya, the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched Khaimars missile strikes at the headquarters of Russian troops in Izyum.

It was the headquarters of the 35th army was responsible for command and control of troops in the Izyum direction. Butusov noted that the head of the missile forces and artillery is one of the key links in modern warfare.

«Now it is clear that the defeat of the Russians was largely due to the loss of control and the precise definition of the Ukrainian reconnaissance of the deployment of Russian headquarters and their exact defeat & # 187;, & # 8212; added Butusov.

  • Ukrainian paratroopers showed what Izyum looks like after liberation.

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