Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the latest Russian T-90 Proryv tank from Javelin anti-tank systems | VIDEO

Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the newest Russian tank T-90

Soldiers of the 79th Separate Air Assault Brigade of the Airborne Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the Javelin ATGM destroyed the latest Russian tank T-90 «Proryv». This was reported by the press service of the DShV.

«The other day, the enemy attacked the positions of maroon berets with his newest tank T-90 «Proryv» . But the forward unit was ready to meet the enemy: the crew of the Javelin anti-tank missile system destroyed the pride of Russian engineering with two accurate shots, leaving a pile of burnt metal in place», the report says.

One one of the paratroopers said that it was the first tank that he destroyed.

«I was in position from the very beginning and waited for the tank that was supposed to leave. Because he always worked from there. My task — destroy this tank. During the day he went out several times, I watched him. But he went out, worked out and hid. The last time he went out and began to work quite often on positions. I had time to prepare, aim and fire», — noted the Ukrainian defender.

It is specified that aerial reconnaissance detected the tanks in the direction, after which a post was set up with the crew of Javelin, which destroyed the T-90.

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