Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the Russian export tank T-90S for the first time | A PHOTO

Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the Russian export T-90S tank for the first time | PHOTOS

< p> The Armed Forces of Ukraine for the first time destroyed the Russian export tank T-90S. The Office of Strategic Communications of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported this on Telegram on January 5.

«The first confirmed loss of an export Russian T-90S tank. There are no Shtora searchlights on this tank, but additional dynamic protection units are installed & # 187;, & # 8212; said in the message.

Earlier, information about the destruction of the tank was published by OSINT investigator Yakub Yanovsky on his Twitter page.

“Given the size of the Russian tank fleet, the redirection export tanks says a lot about the scale of Russian losses and problems with the repair or restoration of tanks”, & # 8212; Yanovsky noted.

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