Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated one of the ideologists of “Novorossia” terrorist “Volga”

The Armed Forces of Ukraine liquidated one of the ideologists of Novorossia, the terrorist Volga

Ukrainian servicemen liquidated one of the ideologists and commanders of the so-called «new Russia» Egor Gorshkov with the callsign «Volga». This was reported by InformNapalm.

According to Russian media, the 50-year-old native of Kotlas arrived in Donetsk back in July 2014. Prior to this, Gorshkov fought in the interests of the Russian Federation in Abkhazia, Transnistria, participated in the war in Kosovo on the side of the Serbs.

In the database of «Peacemaker» and in other sources the following is noted: Gorshkov Egor Ivanovich — dated 08/13/1972. Place of birth: Kotlas, Arkhangelsk region, Russian Federation. Militant of an illegal armed formation in the command of the so-called. a separate special-purpose battalion OB SpN «Khan» (VCh 08808) 1 Army Corps of the Southern Military District of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. First deputy battalion commander, by that time the rank of «captain», call sign «Volga». Also an ideologue and one of the leaders of the Russian left-nationalist social movement «The Essence of Time».

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