Armed Forces of Ukraine hit HIMARS on the location of the occupiers in Krasny Luch | VIDEO

The Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the location of the Russian invaders in the occupied Krasny Luch (Khrustalny). This is reported by journalist Denis Kazansky.

«The morning in the occupied Krasny Luch (Khrustalny) began with the arrival of HIMARS at the location of the National Guard in the dispensary of the mine named after. Izvestia (village Zeleny Gay). They hit well. Ambulances from all over the city are gathering there», — he writes.

He also posts a video of the arrival. Kazansky noted that part of the dispensary building had completely collapsed.

«With such destruction, it is obvious that there were many dead there. A new batch of coffins will go to Russia»,— Kazan added.

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