Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated the strategic Kiselevka in the Kherson region: Now water can finally appear in Nikolaev | A PHOTO

Ukrainian Armed Forces liberated strategic Kiselevka in Kherson region: Now water can finally appear in Nikolaev | PHOTOS

The Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated Kiselevka, Kherson region, from the invaders. Numerous photos and videos of the Ukrainian military testify to this.

Nikolaev People's Deputy Igor Kopytin also announced the liberation of the village.

“Nikolaev… There is very good news about drinking water. Kiselevka, yes, yes, the one where the water supply is under the control of Ukraine. So soon the water will return to the city!” Kopytin wrote.

As the BBC notes, Kiselevka — a village 15 km from Kherson, where a little more than 2 thousand people lived before the war, but it is of strategic importance.

The water supply to Nikolaev was damaged there, this city was on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe due to lack of drinking water water after the Russian invasion.

The crisis with drinking water continues there until now.

Why is Kiselevka important?

As noted by the Institute for the Study of War, Kiselevka — operationally important location of Russian forces in the vicinity of Kherson, because it is the last settlement both on the E58 highway connecting Kherson with Nikolaev, and on the rail route between occupied Chernobaevka and the Ukrainian positions of the Nikolaev region.

In April, it became known about the damage to the Dnieper-Nikolaev water pipeline as a result of hostilities. Thousands of Nikolaev residents had to line up every day for drinking water.

The pipe carrying water from the Dnieper to Nikolaev begins in the Kherson region. This territory was under Russian occupation from the very beginning of the war, so neither the authorities of the Mykolaiv region, nor the workers of the water utility had access to it.

The village of Kiselevka is one of the few places where an underground water conduit comes to the surface.

Ukrainian Armed Forces have liberated the strategic Kiselevka in the Kherson region: Now in Nikolaev it can finally appear water | PHOTO

BBC accessed photos of the damaged pipe and showed them to two weapons experts, who independently assessed that such damage was not characteristic of any accidental artillery strike , nor for a shot from a tank – instead they suggested using an explosive directly on the pipe.

That is, as the BBC found out, the Russians damaged the water supply on purpose.

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