Armed Forces of Ukraine: The enemy in the east is depleted of 122 and 152 mm ammunition


The Ukrainian military in the east record the depletion of the occupiers' stocks of 122 and 152 mm ammunition, which they are forced to deliver from remote regions. This was announced on the air of the national telethon by the representative of the Eastern Group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel Sergei Cherevaty.

According to him, the hot spot of the eastern front remains Bakhmut, where the greatest intensity of enemy strikes is recorded.

The invaders are trying to break through defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and even changed tactics, but they do not succeed.

«The Armed Forces of Ukraine force the enemy to change tactics. Mercenaries with experience from PMC «Wagner» teach newcomers the basic elements of battle tactics, how to use the terrain, the weather. But to say that they have completely switched to some kind of tactics that can turn the tide of events, I would not. They fail at the most important thing — systematically break through our defenses», — said Cherevaty.

He added that the enemy's advantage in shells had been significantly reduced.

«If we take into account the accuracy of our artillery, then we are somewhere we go to parity. At the same time, our high-precision systems destroy Russian field depots, barracks and weapons on a daily basis. Our gunners are more skillful, and with the receipt of newer equipment they have become more productive», — Cherevaty stressed.

  • The GUR said that Russia is using Ukrainian X-55 cruise missiles, transferred under the Budapest Memorandum, during massive shelling.

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