Armed Forces of Ukraine: The occupiers exaggerate the successes in the Ugledar region. 109 invaders liquidated per day

Ukrainian Armed Forces: Invaders exaggerate successes in the Ugledar area. 109 invaders liquidated in a day

Over the past day, Ukrainian defenders destroyed 109 Russian occupiers and injured 188 occupiers in the area of ​​Vuhledar, Donetsk region. This was announced on the air of the telethon by the speaker of the Eastern Group of Forces Serhiy Cherevaty.

According to him, offensive operations in the area of ​​Vuhledar are carried out by units of motorized rifle troops and marines of the Russian Federation, which receive a serious rebuff from Ukrainian soldiers, suffer losses and retreat .

Thus, during the day in the Ugledar area there were 322 shelling, 58 clashes – the enemy lost 109 people killed and 188 wounded. Also, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed four tanks, three infantry fighting vehicles, three cannons and three UAVs «Orlan-10».

Cherevaty stressed that the Russians exaggerate their achievements in this direction.

«There are fierce battles there, the enemy is really trying to achieve intermediate success, but thanks to the efforts of our defense forces, he does not succeed and, to put it mildly, he exaggerates his «achievements in Telegram channels 187;, — Cherevaty said.

He also explained that the occupiers have been trying for many months to break through our defenses and break through in one of such places in order to move on and achieve results in the Bakhmut, Avdeevsky and Uglegorsk directions, where constantly enemy assault operations are underway.

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