Armed violence: “Our management is irreproachable”, defends Valérie Plante

Armed violence: “Our management is irreproachable”, defends Val”rie Plante

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante has promised that the needs of the SPVM will be met, despite the financial imperatives incumbent upon it.

Under fire for her handling of the fight against gun violence in Montreal, Mayor Valérie Plante calls her handling “irreproachable”.

We won't let anyone attack our integrity, Ms. Plante defended herself on Friday morning during a press briefing organized on the sidelines of the Housing Summit in Laval.

Since the beginning of the week, the noose has tightened around the policies put in place in Montreal to stem the number of shootings which continue despite everything to resound each week.

On Monday, the Montreal Police Brotherhood accused Ms. Plante of turning a blind eye to problems with the retention of police officers in the ranks of the Service de police de la Ville de Montreal (SPVM).

Thursday evening, sources told Radio-Canada that, although the impression is not generalized in the department, some officials in Quebec believe that the money granted to the Plante administration to counter gun violence has not been used wisely.

Other critics, within the city council, denounce millions of unspent dollars. Aref Salem, Leader of the Official Opposition, explained that the administration budgeted for this year $36 million less than the actual cost paid in 2021.

The money earmarked for the SPVM goes to the SPVM, Ms. Plante insisted with annoyance during a brief speech accompanied by the president of the executive committee of the City of Montreal, Dominique Ollivier.

The Government of Quebec never gives a blank cheque, recalled the mayor.

The accusations of defunding the police, which fuel the the arguments of certain parties in the run-up to the Quebec elections are false, Ms. Plante said indignantly. I'm tired of scaring the world, the police, by saying that our administration wants to defund!, she got carried away.

It is an administration of sound management, exemplary, we can at all times demonstrate without a shadow of a doubt that all the sums provided for our partnerships are deployed for this, assured Mrs. Ollivier.

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante and Dominique Ollivier, President of the Executive Committee, reacted to criticism of their use of public funds.

Quebec City's contribution to the SPVM budget has almost tripled in four years, going from 11 to 30 million dollars, but these investments would not be sufficient in the eyes of the opposition, which makes it a provincial electoral issue.

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At a press conference, the mayor of Laval Stéphane Boyer supported his Montreal counterpart, saying he was convinced that Ms. Plante takes the issue of firearms very seriously. fire.

According to him, municipal policies should not be judged by the latest news stories, but investments should be allowed to do their work. It's hard work, he added.

The mayors of Montreal and Longueuil, as well as the mayor of Laval, during the Summit on housing to fight the housing crisis

The mayors of Longueuil and Laval, cities bordering Montreal, both underlined Friday the absence of borders that characterizes the fight against shootings in the metropolitan area, which justifies, according to them, the need for adopt a common approach in the matter.

We are investing enormously for a concerted approach, assured the Mayor of Longueuil Catherine Fournier, advocating a plurality of means [to be implemented] with levels of government and neighboring cities.

As for the borders with the United States, these remain porous to arms trafficking, lamented Stéphane Boyer. In 98% of the cases [of shootings], they are contraband weapons that come from the United States, he mentioned, citing data from the Service de police de Laval.

To overcome this crisis, we will have to take it into account, summarized Mr. Boyer.

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