Arthur and Mareva Galanter amazed by their daughter Manava, an idyllic break in Tahiti

During the holidays, Arthur, Mareva Galanter and their daughter Manava left Paris for Tahiti. The beauty queen has found her native island and her loved ones. A moment in family which they savor every second and which they share a little on Instagram.
Arthur , Mareva Galanter and their daughter Manava (5 years old) have arrived in Tahiti. It is with family, surrounded by relatives of the beautiful Miss France 1999 that the trio spends the end of year celebrations. On social networks, the 54-year-old host and his companion, the 41-year-old singer, give news from the paradisiacal landscapes of Moorea.

After posting on Instagram a photo of him from a helicopter, Arthur takes advantage of these few well-deserved days away from the Parisian gray. This Tuesday, December 22, 2020, he shares a tender moment with his little Manava. The girl appears from behind in front of a vast expanse of water, in a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops, a fishing rod in her hand . Something to crack his daddy. ” A bamboo cane. A sublime lagoon. Time. Silence. Calm. I will be able to spend whole days watching my children grow up, ” he wrote, amazed by the young Manava.

In story , still on the social network for sharing images, Arthur let himself go to a moment of absolute relaxation. District Z Producer, a program hosted by Denis Brogniart and broadcast on TF1 , presents a cabin perched in the middle of nature . This is his ” office for the week “. A mattress with colorful cushions is installed there, it is for him ” the place to be “.

For her part, Mareva Galanter, who was in awe of Manava in full interaction with the small fish of the Pacific Ocean, shares other moments with her family. It was at Golden Lake, a restaurant located in Moorea, that they all tasted traditional fish dishes.

An idyllic break for the couple, delighted to see Manava in his element. ” She has been going to Tahiti since she was little. She’s a mermaid , she spends hours in the water swimming, putting on her mask, finding shells, fishing. At 5, she already knows the names of fish, Mareva Galanter confided to Gala at the beginning of December . She was born in Paris and will grow up in Paris. It is important for me to transmit that to her, that she has a bit of Tahiti in her, that’s where I come from , it’s my culture. She already has a Tahitian first name. “

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