Assault allegations: class action launched against ex-North Vancouver teacher

Allegations of assault: class action lawsuit launched against ex-North Vancouver teacher

Dennis Cooper holds his school photo taken in 1977, the year he alleges his former teacher sexually assaulted him during several school trips.

Dennis Cooper filed a class action lawsuit on August 4 against a retired North Vancouver teacher. The British Columbian alleges that Brian Moore, his 6th grade teacher at the time, psychologically manipulated and sexually assaulted him during several school outings in the late 1970s.

Warning : this report contains details that may shock

The main plaintiff kept some photos of a ski trip captured by Brian Moore in Penticton and Vernon, two towns in the interior of British Columbia. Dennis Cooper was 11 years old. These photos bring back many painful memories frozen in time. It took nearly 40 years for Dennis Cooper to break his silence.

Dennis Cooper is pictured aged 11 on a ski trip organized by ex-teacher Brian Moore. Dennis Cooper claims Brian Moore took these photos and wrote the date and location on the back, before giving them to his mother.

Now 56, Dennis Cooper says he moved forward with the class action after talking for weeks to several former classmates at Upper Lynn Elementary School. I feel this feeling of guilt and shame because I didn't do anything sooner, he explains.

The class action details several allegations of sexual misconduct. The document describes a waterskiing trip to Deep Cove where Brian Moore allegedly asked Dennis Cooper not to put any clothes under his wetsuit. The teacher then allegedly touched the young boy's genitals.

The document also alleges that Brian Moore asked his students, during a field trip to Simon Fraser University, to swim with him without clothes.

Brian Moore would also have offered driving lessons in his personal vehicle, a blue Barracuda. And he allegedly asked the students to sit on him.

Then, the class action alleges that a little later in the year, Brian Moore would have masturbated and would have ejaculated in front of students that he brought to a ski trip. He then allegedly asked Dennis Cooper to perform oral sex. The youngster refused.

Finally, the document also covers a camping trip to Schuswap Lake during summer vacation after 6th grade. Brian Moore allegedly asked Dennis Cooper and other students to swim naked with him, according to the class action. And at night, the teacher would have slept in the young boy's sleeping bag.

The class action does not specify the number of victims, but it does state that it is open to all male students at Upper Lynn Elementary School who had Brian Moore as a teacher.

The same day the class action was filed, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in North Vancouver arrested an 82-year-old retired school teacher. ;Upper Lynn Elementary School for indecent assault on seven students in the 1970s and 1980s. The RCMP had encouraged potential victims to come forward.

Although the RCMP has not identified Brian Moore, his age, years of teaching and the school where he worked match the details of the class action.

He is not facing charges by the police and the allegations of sexual misconduct have not been proven in a court of justice.

Brian Moore declined our interview request. His attorneys say they need more time to respond to the allegations.

The class action also mentions the School District 44 Board of Trustees. failed to take reasonable steps to protect vulnerable minors and that he failed to notify other students when allegations circulated about Brian Moore.

In a statement, the school district says the allegations are troubling and that it is cooperating with the RCMP.

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