AstraZeneca instead of Moderna: escape from the Genoese vaccination center of San Benigno

AstraZeneca instead of Moderna: escape from the Genoese vaccination center of San Benigno

AstraZeneca instead of Moderna: escape from the Genoese vaccination center of San Benigno

Genoa – «I came for the Moderna vaccine and now they give me another one, this is a mockery ». Yesterday, in the Msc vaccination center of San Benigno, in Genoa, chaos broke out with cancellations that were equal, source the same hub, to 65% of the booked patients who thought they would receive the Moderna and instead, at the entrance, were notified that only the AstraZeneca vaccine would be administered.

But the problem is also of communication and marketing: the first private hub grew because patients (or clients) wanted to be vaccinated with Moderna serum which was the rule in San Benigno. Yesterday, Caporetto. «I understand it, I do not hide our concern for what is happening – he says hotly Omar Lafi, operational director of the hub – we have guaranteed our commitment to offer a service that covers 18 hours a day and now we are suffering from a decision that is neither ours nor Alisa’s: we had to adapt to the provisions of the Ministry while maintaining the two lines we had from the beginning, vaccination of the 70-79 range during the day and ultra-vulnerable people who cannot receive the AstraZeneca vaccine only in the evening, from 8 pm to 2 am ” .

The problem is that the center had been identified by all as “that of the Modern”: and on the misunderstanding he lived his days of luck and is experiencing the sudden fall. “We follow the ordinances, it was General Figliuolo who definitively clarified who should use what and the transition from Moderna to Astrazeneca for the vaccinations of the day it was the necessary consequence », he adds. The problem is above all the messages received from patients: confirmations that still indicated the type of vaccine that would be used a few hours earlier: Modern.

«SMS are born from an information system based on reservations updated to the date they were made. If a different legislation comes into force, it is not evident from that message, but it is clear thatand what you book is the vaccination, not the type of vaccineHe closes.Outside the building there was chaos for the whole day yesterday, Thursday 15 April. “Nobody warned us, it’s not possible.” And then again: “It is not acceptable to be treated in this way.” Anger, fear and disappointment: yesterday, among the hundreds of people queuing for the vaccine in San Benigno, few digested as if nothing were the unexpected change of vaccine. Some have preferred to leave, others have decided to stay anyway.

«I called my doctor and he told me not to back down. But this is not the way to behave », says Francesco Marchese, retired, in line with his wife. Rita Ghio, over 70, arrived a few minutes ago and is queuing up in the long line. “I’m afraid I’ll finish in September if I leave, I don’t want to get vaccinated after the summer,” he says.

Baldassarre Di Vicino accompanied his 71-year-old wife convinced to get vaccinated with the Moderna. “Such a thing is not acceptable, it cannot be justified », thunders. In line, yesterday in San Benigno, there was also the mayor of Tiglieto, Giorgio Leoncini, who is a doctor.

«I accompanied my wife – he says – who in any case got the vaccine without any delay. But it is not acceptable that there has not been any kind of communication, it is a very serious thing ».

Lidia Minervini is 70 years old: «I live in La Foce, I came up here without anyone notifying me, now I discover that the cards on the table have changed», she says. «I do the same vaccine but they had to warn of this change, they are without words»Says Bruno Colasanti, waiting for the go-ahead from the staff at the entrance and then go up to the first floor of the building where the medical staff vaccinates patients.

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