At a concert in Warsaw, Vakarchuk showed the middle finger of Russia and sang in Polish

At a concert in Warsaw, Vakarchuk showed the middle finger to Russia and sang in Polish

Okean Elzy band leader Svyatoslav Vakarchuk showed the middle finger during a charity concert in Poland finger of Russia, thanked the Poles for supporting Ukraine and sang his hit “Hug” in Polish. The video fragment of the speech was published by the telegram channel “NEXTA.Live”.

– The first thing I want to say is thank you to our Polish brothers and sisters for their support. Thank you, we will never forget this. Russia wants to demoralize us, put us on our knees, make us depressed, afraid, think about what happened in the past, – Vakarchuk said from the stage, showing the middle finger. – We know that we are going into the future proudly and confidently, because a nation like Ukrainians, with the help of friends like Poland, will definitely win. It will happen even faster than we think. The main thing is to work for this every-every day.

According to the source, more than four thousand people gathered at the band's concert. The proceeds will go to help war-affected children, refugees and Ukrainian defenders.

At the end of April, Okean Elzy performed for the first time since Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine in Kyiv. The team gave a concert on the platform of the Golden Gate metro station for volunteers, doctors, and the military. It was shown on the air of the national telethon “United News”.

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