Attempted murder with a hammer: William Côté-Boivin remains behind bars

Attempted murder with a hammer: William Côté-Boivin remains behind bars

William Côté-Boivin is accused of having tried to kill his father with a hammer.

The 28-year-old man charged with attempted murder of his father with a hammer, William Côté-Boivin, will remain behind the bars.

His bail hearing has been adjourned to August 23 with subpoenas. Other charges could be added by then.

The Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP) has new evidence to disclose to the court.

William Côté-Boivin appeared by videoconference from Roberval prison on Friday morning, a week after the events in Sainte-Rose-du-Nord.

He obtains permission to communicate with his parents collect, including his father. They will have the prerogative to take the call or not.

The inmate seemed calm and satisfied that Judge Michel Boudreault dropped this condition. However, William Côté-Boivin is forbidden to communicate with his neighbours.

Sainte-Rose-du-Nord: William Côté-Boivin accused of attempted murder of his father

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