Audio intercept: Occupier confesses to killing Ukrainian children | VIDEO

Audio intercept: Occupier confesses to killing Ukrainian children | VIDEO

Russian invader confessed to his wife or girlfriend of war crimes on the territory of Ukraine, namely, the murder of children. The audio interception of the conversation is published by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

The occupier's remarks are not heard in the audio recording. But the girl's words make it clear that a Russian named Kirill confessed to killing Ukrainian children.

«Well, they want to cut you out too, you know? Have you killed children, Kirill? You say everyone in a row … Well, you too? Cyril, are you serious!? Why didn't you tell me about it? Why didn't you tell me that you also killed children there? Why didn't you say that?», the shocked girl said.

Before that, she reasoned in a conversation that Ukraine would have to pay for military assistance from Europe. Like, they will have to «give up some part of the territory».

«I'm surprised: that's what Europe helps them, they think that this is probably , help is simple? They don't just give help. And with the hope that they will return the money or what? How, how much money is there? Why should they? So the fact of the matter is that in any case, you will give up some part of the territory … Give it back to Russia already and well … calm down and kill you * er already & # 187;, – the interlocutor of the occupier said.

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