Aversa Normanna, 3-1 in Tuscania and now the playoff dream for Serie A2

Aversa Normanna, 3-1 in Tuscania and now the playoff dream for Serie A2

Aversa Normanna, 3-1 in Tuscania and now the playoff dream for Serie A2

Another great race, one more victory and once again the emotions from a group that never ceases to surprise. Even against Tuscania, the third force of the group, the Normanna Aversa Academy conquers the 3 points and closes with 10 victories (out of 11 races) a second round that has come close to perfection. Now two weeks without competitions, because for the playoffs we will have to wait until April 11th. There is the first match point against Pineto. Then we will return on April 18 to PalaJacazzi and then eventual beautiful in Abruzzo. Now comes the races that ‘count’, the ones that make you dream.

FIRST SET. Immediately great volleyball: 0-2 Tuscania and immediate recovery of Aversa with two walls of Alfieri. It’s 4-2. La Normanna plays great and Tofoli’s team notices it: Sacripanti attacks diagonally for 7-4. The former on duty, De Paola, manages to close a very long exchange with a good attack that is worth -1 to his (9-8). Sacripanti, however, is on a day of grace: in precarious conditions of balance he still manages to attack full arm for the new +3 (13-10). At 14-13 the first time-out of the match and coach Tomasello requests it. It ‘s always De Paola, among the best of his, to restore parity to 15. The third force of the group stretches when Boswinkel finds the ace for 16-18. The Marsili wall gives Lazio +3 (18-21). The Academy certainly does not give up and slowly goes back down to equal to 22. This time it is Tofoli who stops the game for 30 seconds. Upon returning to the field Bonina prints 24-22 and Tuscania plays the second time-out. Two set points. The first is canceled, not the second. It turns field 25-23.

SECOND SET. Immediately ahead Aversa who stretches (8-6) when Gradi shoots out and goes to the bench: in his place Skoudis. The three-way wall of Tuscania against Cester brings the contest back to a tie at 9. When Sacripanti attacks in a big way from the second line in pipe the Lazio wall does not hold and we return +2 (15-13). Which become 16-13 when Cester at the end of a long parallel exchange finds the intersection of the lines taking the applause of the managers present at the arena. On 19-17 coach Tofoli calls his boys back to the bench to file the mistakes his team makes. When you return to the field you return to balance and then you go point to point. Very tight set. Cester finds a hands and out on the opponent’s wall which gives 2 set points. But they are both canceled. It goes to the advantages. Sacripanti still closes: wall and out and scoreboard that says 27-25.

THIRD SET. Diana’s monster block immediately leads Aversa to the double advantage (5-3). Tuscania does not want to give up, however, and finds the 7-7 with Skoudis who also takes advantage of the hands of the wall. On the invasion of Bonina Maury’s finds the first advantage (8-9) and coach Tomasello immediately runs for cover calling a time-out. When you get back on the taraflex first even, then against overtaking with Sacripanti’s ace (10-9) and then I extend with Cester (11-9). The break continues (Darmois for 13-9) and coach Tofoli calls time-out. Tofoli’s team raises the wall and tries to exploit some Norman weak points and with Skoudis is equal to 16. Stamegna also enters the field and finds the 18-20 that leads Tomasello to stop the game. Always Stamegna also finds a wall and the +3. The protagonist, however, is also Conte for the Norman: he manages to attack a second ball for the -1 (20-21) which gives hope. Mille also on the field to change the fate of the set. A few too many mistakes, however, leads the guests to 21-24. Cester shoots out and is 21-25.

FOURTH SEPT. Aversa leaves immediately ‘shot’. Diana is unbeatable on the wall and ‘prints’ the 6-3. The ‘double’ of the Lazio setter Guglielminetti (who entered for Marsili) gives +4 to the Normans (9-5) and Tofoli asks for 30 seconds to talk to his boys. Stamegna’s attack from ‘4’ brings the dispute to 13-8. With the Academy trying to administer. Point to point, in the field Bongiorno for Cester. Sacripanti brings the Norman to 20 and Tuscania is 4 distance behind. There is also space for the young free second Di Meo. Alfieri attacks second and is 22-18. On 23-19 the last time-out of the match called by Tofoli. It is precisely Bongiorno on the wall that gives 5 match points. Rich in service, Bonina’s wall and 25-19. Aversa wins and launches towards the playoffs.

NORMANNA AVERSA ACADEMY: Alfieri 5, Simonelli, Calitri (L), Di Meo (L2), Bongiorno 1, Darmois 13, Fortes, Sacripanti 19, Diana 8, Mille 1, Ricco, Cester 17, Bonina 8, Conte 2. All. Tomasello. Ass. Angeloni

MAURY’S COM CAVI TUSCANIA: Stamegna 14, Zibella (L2), Marsili, Pace (L1), Menichetti 4, De Paola 9, Gradi 2, Boswinkel 15, Catinelli Guglielminetti 2, Skuodis 6, Cioffi 2, Ragoni 5, Ceccobello 8. All . Tofoli. Ass. Barbanti

REFEREES: Stefano Chiriatti and Enrico Autuori

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