Back to the Future: Which actor played Marty McFly before he was fired for Michael J. Fox?

What if Marty McFly hadn’t had the face of Michael J. Fox? This idea seems incongruous and yet, the cult character of the trilogy “Back to the Future” was almost played by another actor starting in the 1980s …
Revealed in the Back to the Future trilogy , Michael J. Fox almost missed out on the role of his life. When filming for the first film began in 1984, the American actor was the first choice of director Robert Zemeckis and producer Steven Spielberg , but he was busy filming the Sacred Family series . It is therefore another actor who first slipped into Marty McFly’s sneakers: Eric Stoltz , who had barely distinguished himself in the film Mask .

After four weeks of filming with Eric Stoltz, the director was not satisfied with the first takes and felt his star actor was good, but his performance was too dramatic and devoid of humor. Then 24 years old, Eric Stoltz was too old to play high school student Marty McFly. The latter was therefore kindly thanked by Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg, then Michael J. Fox was able, in the meantime, to free himself. The shooting therefore returned to square one in January 1985 and all the scenes filmed with Eric Stolz were restarted with Michael J. Fox. The latter then shot the second part in 1989, then in the wake, in the third and last film of the trilogy released in the spring of 1990.

For his part, deprived of an overboard, Eric Stoltz continued his career by alternating films, series and theater. The actor has appeared on the big screen in La Mouche 2 (1989), Pulp Fiction and The Four Daughters of Doctor March (1994), Jerry Maguire (1996), L’Effet papillon (2004) … On the small screen , viewers were able to find him in the series Mad about you, Life at any price ( Chicago Hope ) or Grey’s Anatomy . He has also directed several episodes of famous series such as Private Practice, Nip-Tuck, Glee, Californication, Murder …

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