Beauties of Ukrainian cinema and the war: Yegorov is ready to be a barista, and Tritenko and Seitablaev are shooting “portraits”

Handsome Ukrainian cinema and war: Egorov is ready to be a barista, and Tritenko and Seitablaev are shooting

Each viewer has his own sex symbol of Ukrainian cinema – brutal, glossy or humorous. We loved to watch our crashes on the screens in different acting roles, to admire, to wait for their new films, but the war equalized everything and everyone. Neither cinema, nor the former profession …

How are the fates of famous actors today.

Artemy Egorov: looking for a job or part-time job

In our conversation in February, for a week before the war, the star of the series “The Autopsy Will Show” and “The Carpathian Ranger” Artemy Egorov said that his career is going uphill, because the work schedule is full six months ahead.

On March 3, the romantic comedy “The Neighbor” with him and actress Ksenia Mishina in the lead roles was supposed to be released. Subsequently, the series “Great Hope” was to be released, where Egorov also had the main role.

Then the actor admitted that he was in his best physical shape.

“I just like being in good physical shape. Man is born to be strong, beautiful and happy. And strong both in spirit and body, – said the actor. – I did my maximum at that moment, and it was me who was approved for the “Neighbor”. Everything matched. Now for several months – in light mode: 2-3 workouts per week. I gave myself the opportunity to take a break from heavy workloads, but now spring brings new strength, new opportunities, I will plow again.

However, the war broke all plans. At the end of May, Artemy even published a post with the heading “I am looking for a job or a part-time job”:

– Ready for any suggestions, I study quickly, I don't drink, I don't smoke. I can be the voice of your advertisement, film, social video (I don’t have my own equipment, if there is an offer, I will find it). I edit simple videos, photoshop. I am geographically located in Odessa, so here I am ready for any part-time job: barista, for example (I don’t know how, I’m ready to learn), I play the guitar, I’ll teach you basic chords. We will play only what you love, and not the way I was once taught. Ready for more responsible work, for example, forwarder, administrator. Now I am studying to be a fitness trainer, so soon I will be able to professionally paint a training plan and diet online. It will not always be like this, so let's live, rejoice, dream!

In the comments, Egorov's friends noted that someone else with such work experience could already turn up his nose, but he is a good fellow! To which the actor replied: “Just a few rocket and bomb strikes, and the crown flew off his head, and the captured “asterisk” fell out of his hands.”

The beauties of Ukrainian cinema and the war: Egorov is ready to be a barista, while Tritenko and Seitablaev are shooting

Alexey Tritenko and Akhtem Seitablaev are working with the camera at the front. Photo:

Aleksey Tritenko: defending the country in the ranks of the Troops

The star of the series “Guard” and “When we are at home” Oleksiy Tritenko has been defending Ukraine in the ranks of the Troop since the first days of the war. Moreover, Alexey serves together with the actor and director Akhtem Seitablaev. Akhtem and Aleksey with the team still manage to work on the Mi from Ukraine. Portraits” – the guys shoot stories about the defenders of our country.

Alexey Tritenko, by the way, played one of the roles of Seitablaev’s military drama “Mirniy-21”. This is the story of the Lugansk border detachment, whose fighters the separatists and the Russian special services in June 2014 unsuccessfully tried to force to betray their country. The premiere was to take place in the spring. Prior to that, Alexei starred in “Haytarma”.

The beauties of Ukrainian cinema and the war: Egorov is ready to be a barista, while Tritenko and Seitablaev are shooting

In May, for the first time in 4 years, the actor cut his hair short and shaved off his beard. Photo: Evgeny Vorontsov

Taras Tsymbalyuk: divorced, doesn't make plans, believes in victory

Nazar in “Fortress”, chieftain named Black Raven in the film of the same name, Karpo from “Spymati Kaydash”, one of the fighters of “Angels-2” … The charismatic actor in recent years managed to play the main roles in interesting films. Taras Tsymbalyuk was even called the sex symbol of Ukrainian TV series.

– I'm fine with this, – the actor told us in an interview, smiling. But I don't consider myself to be. It seems to me that this is a desired status for girls.

Currently, Tsymbalyuk, like his colleagues, is out of work. And what will happen and how – it's too early to think about it:

– I have already been asked dozens of times what will happen next? How is the profession? What will I do after the war? I wonder how you can plan anything now? A couple of months ago, who thought that rockets would fall near Lvov and Frankivsk? That some cities in Ukraine will be destroyed by 70 or 90% in a month? I am not.

People, war against such an enemy is the most unpredictable and terrible process. Believe me, I do not think now about the projects and shootings where I was approved. Although the year was scheduled until next spring. And I, like most people, had a lot of plans. But now it's not even a minor thing. Our reality is clearly dressed in black and white.
The main thing now is only to win.

Recently, Taras shocked me with the news of a divorce. Taras and Tina got married on July 3, 2021. As Tina said, war is a big test for all couples, and some of them fail.

The beauties of Ukrainian cinema and the war: Egorov is ready to be a barista, while Tritenko and Seitablaev are shooting

In the series “Department 44” Vladimir Rashchuk played weapons expert Gleb Mayorov. Now I have to hold my own weapons. Photo: Rashchuk

Vladimir Rashchuk: he was supposed to play in a play about the war, but he went to fight himself

The star of the series “Jamaica”, “Department 44”, “Cop Wars. Odessa” Vladimir Rashchuk was preparing for the premiere of the play “Speak Heaven” at the Osobistosty Theater, but now he is defending Ukraine at the front. The play “Speak the Sky” directed by Maria Maga is 7 documentary stories of the fighters of the Karpatska Sich unit, founded in 2014. But to play the premiere is not yet destined. Vladimir and his colleagues went to war.

Handsome Ukrainian cinema and war: Egorov is ready to be a barista, and Tritenko and Seitablaev are shooting

Maxim Devizorov during the filming of the second season of the series “First Swallows”. Photo:

Maxim Devizorov: joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine and plans to have children

The actor gained popularity after the role of a cunning, vengeful, purposeful, but fair and charismatic Denis Denisenko in the series “The First Swallows”. Before the war, the tape “The Best Weekends” was released, where Maxim also played one of the main roles. And then the actor joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine and went to the Donetsk region. During the war, Devizorov proposed to his beloved, actress Svetlana Gordienko, via video link, but for the sake of the wedding, the guy was nevertheless released from service for a day.

– Feelings for Svetlana, whom I love very much, helped me make this decision. The war may have accelerated events somewhat. But we have already said that we plan to start a family, we see in each other the parents of our future children, – said Maxim in the social project “Life during the war”.

As the actor admits, their most important business with his wife after the war – to give each other beautiful kids.

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