Benoit (koh-lanta), the father of Cecilia’s daughter? Jesta shares a strange message

Has Jesta Hillmann been cheated on? According to a user who sent her a message, her husband Benoît has been unfaithful to her with his great friend Cécilia Siharaj. Very quickly, the candidate of “Moms & Famous” reacted.
Sometimes you have to have a strong heart when you are a personality. In addition to the criticisms that can rain on the Web, they can sometimes be the subject of crazy rumors. Jesta Hillmann can attest to this because she received a strange message on December 10, 2020.

While filming Koh-Lanta, the treasure island in 2016, Jesta and Benoît met. Since then, they haven’t left each other. They married in June 2019 and welcomed their first child Juliann a month later. Today, the Moms & Famous candidate is expecting another child , a little boy. In short, everything smiles on the lovebirds.

But some Internet users who closely follow their adventures as well as those of Cécilia Siharaj have tried to sow discord by sending a shameful message. ” Hello Jesta. My friends and I are following you. There are about a hundred of us. Why don’t you be wary of Cecilia you who won’t let you go and has character? I didn’t want to say it like that but you don’t see not an air of resemblance to his daughter and a person you know well? (…) Are you playing the naive or you know? But keep your cool “, can we read on the capture of screen unveiled by the young mother of 28 years. Fortunately, the latter preferred to laugh and ensures that she had ” one of the biggest laughs of [her] whole life ” .

Her friend Cécilia also reacted . Sway’s mother (1 year) was outraged to see that such a rumor could circulate. ” I just woke up there not long ago and I found this kind of sharing that Jesta sent me. So it’s crazy, it makes you enjoy history you can also laugh or you unleash. C ‘ is a sick thing. So in fact Sway’s father is Benoit … People’s bullshit. Sometimes we take it upon ourselves, but I promise you that sometimes it’s difficult, “she said indignantly.

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