Benoit Michel (Clem): Unpublished photo of his daughter Mila that he “did not intend to exhibit”

In August 2019, Benoit Michel tasted the joys of fatherhood. With his partner Juliette Lautrette, he welcomed an adorable girl whose first name had not been revealed at the time. Since then, the actor of “Clem” on TF1 has taken a big step by revealing the face of his little girl.
On social networks, Benoit Michel shares little of his privacy. On Saturday December 19, 2020, the 32-year-old actor made an exception. The handsome brunette who gives the reply to Lucie Lucas inClem (TF1) posted a photo of him with his daughter for the very first time . An exceptional image that undoubtedly delights its 33,500 followers on Instagram.

The baby, dressed in a bodysuit, sits on his daddy’s knees, who gazes tenderly at his offspring. ” I did not intend to expose it on the networks but it is my ray of sunshine which helps me to keep morale … So gift for Christmas, I present to you my daughter Mila “, launches the interpreter of Jérôme Thévenet in the front page series. Thus, Internet users discover the face of the girl but also her first name, which had so far not been revealed.

” I think very much of you all. Young and old. I hope you made this end of the year in one piece. I wish you a very happy holiday season. Take care of I embrace you tenderly “, continues Benoit Michel, addressing nice words to his followers .

Something to crack Internet users. They are indeed many to melt in front of the adorable face of little Mila. Among them, Agustin Galiana who plays Adrian Munoz in the Clem series. ” Happy holidays to you and all your family! Mila is very beautiful. Besos amigo “, he wrote.

Mila has already made her parents happy for a year and four months. Juliette Lautrette, also an actress, gave birth to the couple’s first child on August 22, 2019. ” She was born … Thank you very much for your congratulatory messages and your attentions, it makes me so warm in my heart, I embrace you “, the actor and young dad wrote at the time as an announcement. The arrival of the girl came a month after the revelation of Juliette Lautrette’s pregnancy . Also on the social network for sharing images, Benoit Michel had published several photos of him and his beautiful, very rounded belly.

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