Bezuglaya proposed to include the space agency in the defense sector

Bezuglaya proposed to include the space agency in the defense sector

People's deputies proposed to include the State Space Agency of Ukraine in the security and defense sector. The preparation of the bill was announced on the afternoon of June 22 by the representative of the Servant of the People faction, Maryana Bezuglaya.

– In the conditions of martial law, the GCA provides security and defense forces around the clock:

– operational satellite data and analytical information based on the results of their processing,

– navigation data,

– information of the geophysical monitoring system, data on reconnaissance satellites flying over Ukraine, – the deputy wrote on her Facebook page.


Bezuglyaya added that the GCA receives and processes data from more than two hundred radar and optical satellites.

During the period of hostilities, the agency prepared thousands of thematic maps with the exact coordinates of enemy targets and objects for their fire, as well as thematic maps for the ecological state of individual objects and territories damaged as a result of hostilities.

The SCA also carries out optical observation, calculation and provision of information about the flights of intelligence satellites of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan over the territory of Ukraine.

– The activities of the SCA as a full-fledged component of the security and defense sector will be easier and more efficient. This will make it easier to manage, collaborate and fund, she concluded.

 Bezuglaya proposed to include the space agency in the defense sector

The changes will affect laws on national security and space activities. Photo:

The head of the State Space Agency, Vladimir Taftai, in an interview with UNIAN, released on Wednesday, said that today the main focus is the assessment of losses and damage.

Space tools and satellite data make it possible to assess the damage caused to cities and enterprises in Ukraine. The HSA is working together with the recovery center in order to assess the losses as accurately as possible and subsequently receive compensation from the aggressor.

Already this year, the HSA hopes to receive the status of an ESA observer, and after that – the status of a full member of the European Space Agency.

Despite the complexity of the situation, joint projects are being implemented with NASA and the Cyclone-4 project is being prepared jointly with Canada. In addition, the agency is negotiating projects with private companies, including Elon Musk's SpaceX.

As you know, the United States has a Space Force, and Russia has a Space Force as part of the Aerospace Force.

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