Biden called the reason for the Russian invasion of Ukraine: Putin wants to destroy Ukrainian culture

Biden called the reason for Russia's invasion of Ukraine: Putin wants to destroy Ukrainian culture

Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to destroy independent Ukrainian culture. This was stated by American leader Joe Biden during a briefing, the press service of the White House reports.

-Here he (Putin – ed.) goes forward and decides that he will prevail. He doesn't want to just invade Ukraine, he wants to wipe Ukrainian culture off the face of the earth because he believes that there is no independent Ukrainian culture. See what he does. He's not just wiping, he's trying to take care of what's left, what was, to begin with, a small military force in Ukraine. It demolishes all their cultural centers – their museums, their schools, their historical monuments. He is trying to destroy the culture, Biden said.

As the American leader noted, the West does not stand aside and continues to support Ukraine, providing the necessary assistance.

– The thought that we can to stand aside and let it happen was just not possible. Impossible. And that is why we have strengthened NATO, and that is why we are helping Ukraine,” he stressed.

At the same time, the US President recalled that due to support for Ukraine, Western countries were faced with rising prices for food, oils and fuel.

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