Biden dreams of 'curing cancers once and for all'

Biden dreams of “curing cancers once and for all”

US President Joe Biden called for 'Ending Cancer' during of a speech given 60 years to the day after John F. Kennedy's speech on the race to the Moon.

Joe Biden, for whom this subject has a painful personal dimension, said on Monday his dream of “curing cancers once and for all”, exactly 60 years after a historic speech by John Fitzgerald Kennedy on the conquest of the Moon.

In America, we believe that anything is possible, he said in a speech in the bookstore devoted to the assassinated president, in Boston (northeast), after an introduction of the daughter of the latter, Caroline Kennedy.

Inspired by JFK's speech 60 years ago to the day, in which he promised to send a man to the moon, Joe Biden said he wanted to organize and measure the best of our energy and our talents to end cancer as we know it and even to cure cancers once and for all.

Cancer […] doesn't care if you're a Republican or a Democrat. Beating cancer is something we can do together, he said.

By promising the conquest of the Moon, John Fizgerald Kennedy had created a national goal, likely to bring the American people together, and a common cause. And he succeeded, recalled the American president, who wants to reduce cancer-related mortality by 50% in 25 years.

It is, he said, about ensuring that, increasingly, cancer is not a death sentence, but a chronic disease that people can live with.

This offensive by the American executive has several facets. For example, it focuses as much on the sometimes exorbitant cost of treatments as on the detection and treatment of cancers, with the exploration of blood tests and new therapies.

“When they get their diagnosis, the first thing a lot of people think about is, 'How am I going to pay for the care? Should the house be sold? Stop paying monthly payments for the car? Will we be able to pay for the children's studies?". ยป

โ€” US President Joe Biden

The White House recalled having limited to $2000 per year the amount that must be paid out of pocket by many American citizens, beneficiaries the Medicare program, the American health insurance system to which the over 65s have access.

However, she underlines, it happens so far that some patients have to pay thousands of dollars each year to treat prostate or breast cancer.

L& #x27;another major ambition of the US government concerns screening and the development of new treatments.

The United States has launched a large-scale test โ€“ initially with 24,000 people, with the goal of expanding to 225,000 people โ€“ to identify tests that would be able to detect a or more cancers just from a blood test.

Joe Biden also spoke about the possibility of developing vaccines and finding less burdensome treatments: Imagine, rather than& #x27;hard chemotherapy, a simple blood test, or a pill bought at the local pharmacy rather than invasive treatments and long hospital stays.

JFK had proclaimed, on September 12, 1962: We choose to go to the Moon, setting the objective of having men walk there before the end of the decade.

The objective had been achieved, since on July 21, 1969, Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon.

The fight against cancer is a political objective, but also an intimate fight for the American president, whose eldest son, Beau Biden, died of brain cancer in 2015, at the age of 46.

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