Billie Eilish at a concert in Germany unfurled the flag of Ukraine, which was given to her by Jerry Heil

Billie Eilish at a concert in Germany unfurled the flag of Ukraine, which was given to her by Jerry Heil

American singer Billie Eilish unfurled the flag of Ukraine during a concert in Germany, which she was given to the stage by Jerry Heil. The Ukrainian artist announced this on Instagram on July 1, posting a video from the performance of the star.

– I SUCCESSFUL TO GIVE THE FLAG to Billie Eilish! Guys, THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting Ukraine and letting the world hear and see us again! Not without adventures, but it was possible!!! Hooray! – the singer wrote in social networks.

In her Telegram channel, Yana admitted that she made her way to the stage for a long time, passing through a crowd of ardent fans of the artist and two fan zones:

– I was very lucky: the whole concert was acoustic and very quiet. So I was lucky twice: firstly, I can hardly stand loud concerts because of sensitive ears. Second, it allowed me to ask people to skip. Of course, no one was eager to give way. I had to say that I was on a mission and had to hand over the flag to her. And so to every person who stood in front of me on the way to the stage. There were people who did not look back, no matter how I called them and did not scratch their backs. But in general the people are very loyal. And I remind you, this is a Billy Eilish concert, where everyone wants to get closer.

When Jerry Heil was already at the stage, a fan helped her, who tried to throw a flag at the singer, but he did not fly and fell near her. Fortunately, the American star noticed and the video shows Billy raising the Ukrainian flag and kissing it. Yana also handed over two letters to her colleague, where she thanked for the support of Ukraine. They were taken to the artist's dressing room.

– And one more thing…. a couple of words from me flew with an angel to Billy in the dressing room. Do you think you will read? – shared Yana.

Earlier, the rock band Rammstein unfurled the flag of Ukraine at a concert in Switzerland. The yellow-blue flag was handed over to the team by one of the fans.

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