Bilyk about hushing up the war Lorak and Povaliy: I crossed out their names forever

Bilyk about hushing up the war Lorak and Povaliy: I crossed out their names forever

Singer Irina Bilyk, commenting on the ban on Russian music in Ukraine, spoke about the artists hushing up the military invasion of the Russian Federation into our country. In particular, about colleagues – Ani Lorak and Taisiya Povaliy. According to Bilyk, she deleted them from her life for a neutral position.

– No, I have no pity for these artists. I [for myself] crossed out these names forever. I saw people who told me what is happening now with Igor Likhuta. He sits, watches TV and rejoices because of what is happening to us here, – said the star in an interview with “Rank z Ukraine”.

The singer also spoke about Alexander Rosenbaum, who spoke to the Russian occupiers, who is ready to come with concerts in Ukraine as a “dove of peace”.

– They've done it several times already. He is already retired. I think, let him sit somewhere at home and entertain his idols. We have young cool artists. Invite on the air and those who made the history of Ukraine. When there were no roads in Ukraine, hotels, they sang in the Ukrainian language 50 years ago and it was they who made the Ukrainian stage, Bilyk specified.

Earlier, singer Tina Karol also supported the law banning Russian music in Ukraine. According to the star, this step will allow Ukraine to be more independent and outline the boundaries as a cultural nation, help to put things in order in touring activities, provide an opportunity for young artists to develop and resolve the issue with Ukrainian stars who built their careers in Russia after 2014, and from the beginning of a full-scale war in Ukraine adhere to neutrality.

Interview with Irina Bilyk, watch from 40:52 minutes.

Bilyk about Lorak and Povaliy who kept silent about the war: I crossed out their names forever

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