Blogger Olitskaya about the attack in Germany: Children complained to the Russian because of the words “Glory to Ukraine”

Blogger Olitskaya about the attack in Germany: Children complained to a Russian because of the words

Interviewer and author of the YouTube channel “OLITSKAYA” Anna Olitskaya said that children complained to a Russian who “attacked” her family in Germany. During a vacation by a lake in Germany, Anna's son shouted “Glory to Ukraine” to three girls who communicated with each other in German and Russian, and later an unknown person approached them and began to threaten them with obscenities. The journalist spoke about this in an interview on May 13 in “Ranka z Ukraine”.

– We go out onto the road, my mother was with me, and some two giants come up to us. As I found out later, they were Russians. One comes up to me and bullies: “And what are you?”. And I have, you know, already automatic mode. In the hands of the phone and now with a finger turned on the record. I understand that if something happens to my child or me, then I will have video evidence of what happened. My Tim then went for his things. He comes, sees it all, and I understand that those three girls by the lake simply ran to their parents and reported that someone was shouting “Glory to Ukraine” there. Can you imagine it? Children are already brought up this way [to denunciate],” the interviewer said.

Anna added that for the first time in her life she was the victim of an “attack” by a man. The journalist has already received legal advice and plans to go to the police on the fact of threats from an unknown person.

– When we left, they began to write to me why I did not call the police. Already here, in groups, Ukrainians in Bremen began to write to me that I had broken the law and that I could be held criminally liable for recording all this on video and publishing it on the social network. In Germany, it is impossible to shoot people, and even more so citizens of this country, – Olitskaya specified. – I already have a lawyer who wants to help me. We have translated this video into German, and today I am going to the police station. All this, of course, will be shown to them. Because this video is video evidence that I defended myself, I defended my child.

Story of the scandal

The incident happened the day before. Two strangers approached the journalist with threats. Anna started filming what was happening and told one of the men that he was behaving like a Russian. In turn, an aggressive German citizen, originally from the Russian Federation, demanded “to explain to the child that there is no need to yell “Glory to Ukraine”.

This is not the first case of an attack on journalists in Germany. On May 9, a film crew 1 +1 Unknown attacked in Berlin. The incident occurred during the filming by Ukrainian journalists of a story about holding events to perpetuate the memory of those who died in World War II.

Anna Olitskaya is known as the host of the New Channel: she worked on projects “Piranha”, ” Secret agent”, “Employees”, “Who has more”. In 2019, she received an international certificate of a yoga trainer. In 2020, she launched her YouTube channel “OLITSKAYA”, where she interviews people of different professions. Divorced, raising a son Timothy.

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