Bloomberg calculates how many weapons have been promised and handed over to Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion

Bloomberg has calculated how many weapons have been promised and handed over to Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Ukraine's allies have promised or have already handed over more than 400 tanks and 700 pieces of artillery to the Ukrainian army. Bloomberg writes about this, citing data from the Dutch defense analytics and military research website Oryx.

The agency clarifies that the figures given are approximate. These may include promised but not yet delivered weapons.


  • 410 Soviet-era tanks from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and other post-Soviet countries;
  • The UK has promised to send Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine, marking the first time a Western country has provided Ukraine with modern main battle tanks to fight Russian forces;
  • Poland promised to provide «company» German-made Leopard 2 battle tanks if other NATO allies make similar commitments;
  • Discussions continue in the US and Germany as to whether they can also send battle tanks.

Armored vehicles/infantry fighting vehicles:

  • 300 units, including 250 Soviet-made IFVs from post-Soviet countries;
  • France announced last week that it would hand over an unspecified number of AMX-10RC wheeled tank destroyers;
  • The US and Germany said they would provide 50 and 40 Bradley and Marder combat vehicles.

Armored personnel carriers:

  • 1100 units, including 300 M113 and 250 M117 armored personnel carriers. The agency clarifies that more than 160 armored personnel carriers — US-made M113 from seven other countries, including the UK, Lithuania, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Portugal and Spain.

Mine-resistant vehicles:

  • some 925 total, including 440 American M1224 MaxxPros, 90 Australian Bushmasters and a few British Wolfhounds and Mastiffs.

Bloomberg notes that these vehicles are similar to APCs, but are specifically designed with a tilted hull for protection of the crew from mines and improvised explosive devices.

Mobile infantry vehicles:

  • more than 1,540 units, including 1,250 highly mobile multi-purpose wheeled American-made Humvee vehicles.
  • These are wheeled armored personnel carriers that move soldiers around the battlefield in attack, reconnaissance and patrol.


  • 300 towed howitzers , of which more – 210 155-mm howitzers M777 and 72 105-mm howitzers from the United States;
  • more than 400 units of self-propelled artillery, of which 180 — to order (more than 20 155-mm howitzers from the UK, 18 each — from Poland, Germany, the USA and other countries).

Multiple Rocket Launchers:

  • 95 in total, including 38 HIMARS systems and more than 40 Soviet-era 122mm multiple launch rocket systems from Poland and the Czech Republic.

Air defense systems:< /p>

  • 37 German Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft systems;
  • 8 US-made NASAMS missile batteries;
  • one American and one German Patriot missile battery;
  • 6 Strela-10Ms missile systems from the Czech Republic;
  • 6 Stormer missile systems from the UK;
  • several other anti-aircraft missile systems from Slovakia, Germany, Spain, France and Poland.


  • 14 Su attack aircraft -25 Soviet-made, purchased by NATO countries from Bulgaria and delivered to Ukraine;
  • 4 Su-25 from North Macedonia;
  • 20 Mi-17 helicopters, which were originally intended for Afghanistan, transferred USA;
  • 11 Soviet-made helicopters from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Latvia;
  • three British Westland Sea Kings;
  • six Russian-made Kamov helicopters from Portugal;
  • more than 30 Bayraktar TB2 drones from Turkey, as well as one each from Lithuania and Poland;
  • hundreds of American Switchblade ammunition;
  • 415 reconnaissance drones.

Long-Range Missiles: Bloomberg highlights that no country has yet agreed to provide ATACMS long-range missile systems that can hit targets at significantly greater distances than HIMARS.

Some Western officials have expressed concern about providing Ukrainians with weapons capable of striking targets deep inside Russia, as this could lead to a direct confrontation with the Russian Federation.

Other weapons: Other types of weapons include missiles that can be used against enemy radars, ships and surface targets, as well as electronic warfare, unmanned watercraft, radar equipment and other systems.

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