Bodies of 220 Mariupol defenders returned to Kyiv

The bodies of 220 Mariupol defenders were returned to Kyiv

During two exchanges, Ukraine received from Russia the bodies of 220 Mariupol defenders who were at the Azovstal plant. Maxim Zhorin, the former commander of the Azov Regiment, reported this on Facebook.

– I can't say many details, but I can share some information. There have already been two exchanges of the bodies of the dead: the first – 160:160 … During the second exchange recently, we were able to exchange and take almost 60 bodies. Almost the same number of bodies still need to be returned. Almost the same number of bodies are in Mariupol. Now there are processes, negotiations on further exchange and return of them home,” Zhorin said.

According to Zhorin, there are dead soldiers from all units: marines, police, SBU, border guards. Among the dead, who have already been replaced, about a third are “Azov”. The identification process may take several months.

The exit of the defenders of Mariupol to the territory controlled by the Russians took place on May 16-20. According to the Russian side, 2,439 fighters came out of the cellars of Azovstal. Representatives of the “Red Cross” registered Ukrainian defenders as prisoners of war. President Volodymyr Zelensky has said that Ukraine will return home all the defenders of Mariupol.

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