Bomb shelters being set up in Sevastopol | VIDEO

Bomb shelters are being built in Sevastopol | VIDEO

Entrances in the occupied They want to equip Sevastopol with navigation for quick access to bomb shelters. This was announced by the so-called “Governor of Sevastopol” Mikhail Razvozhaev.

According to him, bomb shelters are being installed in the basements of multi-storey buildings.

Razvozhaev added that he had already inspected the basements of residential buildings along Gogol Street, Dzerzhinsky, Ostryakov, N. Music. He showed a box of gas masks to a camera in one of the shelters. According to the «governor», they«fresh» and lots of stock.

  • In August, after a series of explosions in Sevastopol, the invaders began checking bomb shelters.

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