Bonolis replies to Pippo Baudo and reveals what he thinks of his wife to GF Vip

Bonolis replies to Pippo Baudo and reveals what he thinks of his wife to GF Vip

Big Brother Vip

The Mediaset host replies to the criticisms of his colleague Rai and has his say on Sonia Bruganelli’s new commitment as a TV commentator

Published on June 9, 2021

The reply of Paolo Bonolis to recent statements by Pippo Baudo. The historic Rai face has harshly criticized Come on another one, program conceived and conducted by my colleague Mediaset. Pippo Nazionale, who has just turned 85, has admitted that he greatly appreciates Bonolis’ talent and intelligence but that he finds his broadcasts quite vulgar.

Guest in connection with Punto Z, Tommaso Zorzi’s program aired on Mediasetplay, Paolo Bonolis wanted to respond, urged by the landlord, to the statements of Pippo Baudo. Bonolis gladly accepted Baudo’s resounding rejection and said he was calm about his work:

“Everyone says what they can, what should they do? Pippo thinks this and says, what should he do? I’ve been doing another one for eleven years, he has been doing Sanremo for thirteen years. Everyone is relentless as they want “

In Tommaso Zorzi’s living room, Paolo Bonolis also expressed his opinion on his wife’s new television role. Sonia Bruganelli was chosen by Alfonso Signorini as columnist of the sixth edition of Big Brother Vip. Next to Lady Bonolis, the former contestant of the reality show Adriana Volpe.

Paolo Bonolis has never hidden that he does not appreciate the genre very much but is ready to follow the GF Vip to support and support his wife, with whom he married in 2002. These are the words of Paolino:

“If she does, it means she likes it. You don’t have to ask me for any permission. I’ll watch it unless there is some important match “

Paolo Bonolis is in fact a great football and Inter fan. No comment from the 60-year-old on the recent rumors of marriage crisis with Sonia Bruganelli. The new columnist of Big Brother Vip shared some strange posts on Instagram that more than someone has interpreted as signs of some family problem.

At the moment neither Paolo Bonolis nor Sonia Bruganelli have confirmed or denied the gossip. The couple has three children: Silvia, Davide and Adele. From the previous marriage with the American psychologist Diane Zoeller the conductor had Martina and Stefano.

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