“Bravo Kult!” Pol’and’Rock Festival 2021 for vaccinated only

“Bravo Kult!” Pol’and’Rock Festival 2021 for vaccinated only

Jurek Owsiak, the president of Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy and the organizer of the Pol’and’rock Festival referred to a recent statement by Kult. The musicians informed that they would not participate in concerts where only vaccinated people would be admitted.

Kult rightly pisses off the rules that allow such concerts – in our opinion, quick tests for the coronavirus would be enough. This is what we planned three months ago, when no concerts were possible. We rightly thought that new rules might be introduced, so we didn’t waste any time preparing our festival

Owsiak said.

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Pol’and’Rock Festival only vaccinated

And the changes came, so we asked our audience a question – is it a concert for everyone without any conditions, i.e. a festival for 250 people, or a festival for 20 thousand guests with the applicable vaccination rules?

– added Owsiak.

As he informed, “the vast majority” of festival goers chose the second option. Therefore, only vaccinated people will be able to take part in this year’s Pol’and’Rock Festival, following the Fest Festival.

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Owsiak reminded that organizing the event will allow many people associated with the music industry to return to work after long months of covid break. “(…) We are happy to be back in the open air, that a great stage will be built there again and a beautiful festival infrastructure will be created by a thousand people from the industry! Our festival is made up of nearly one and a half thousand people from the industry and several dozen companies for whom each such event it is at a premium and survives a very difficult pandemic year. “

Dr. Grzesiowski responds to Kult’s statement. “I invite you to training”

“Therefore, without a drink, I am now writing BRAWO KULT! Maybe your appeal will affect the system and something else will happen in the matter, and let something go!” – he added.

The principle of organizing concerts for vaccinated people opened the door for us. We planned a concert for 5,000 participants, which was already a very bold move. Now we can invite 20,000 people to the Makowice-Płoty Airport, to whom we can guarantee everything that is needed for safe play. When, in accordance with the applicable rules – whether we like it or not – concerts can be organized only in a closed area, we are able to organize our festival

– assured the organizer Pol’and’Rock Festivalu.

“I agree with you that this should not be the case. The provision is clear, however, and we want to give you a substitute for normality and work for a hard-experienced music industry,” Owsiak concluded his statement.

Kult: “We want to combine, not divide”

“As rumors of vaccinated-only concerts and festivals are beginning to appear, we want to publish our decision here. The KULT Group does not attend concerts where only vaccinated people will be admitted. We definitely say NO to Apartheid. CONNECT AND NOT DIVIDE “- the musicians of the Kult group wrote on Facebook last Saturday.

Cool in his post, he probably referred to the organizers’ decisions FEST Festival in Chorzów, who announced on Wednesday that only vaccinated people would be able to participate in the next edition of the event.

“We realize that the solutions set by the government are not perfect. Unfortunately, we have no influence on them. We are in talks with the government to extend the current restrictions so that each of you who has a valid European Certificate (available for free for convalescents, people tested and accosted with the first dose), he could also have fun at the FEST Festival 2021 “- was reported in the entry on the Facebook profile of the event.

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