Brazil: At least 18 dead in police operation in Rio favela

Brazil: At least 18 dead in police operation in Rio favela

Nearly 400 members of law enforcement took part in this operation.

At least 18 people died Thursday during a police operation against organized crime in the favela Complexo do Alemao in Rio de Janeiro, the civil police announced.

Of these 18 people killed, 16 are suspected of belonging to criminal gangs, another is a 50-year-old favela resident and another is a 38-year-old law enforcement officer. said a police spokesperson at a press conference.

The Office of the Defender of Rights and the Human Rights Commission of the Brazilian Bar separately told AFP they had information of a total of 20 dead, including the officer and the woman.

Nearly 400 members of the security forces carried out this operation, with several armored vehicles and four aircraft, in a gigantic favela to confront a gang specializing in the robbery of vehicles transporting goods and funds.< /p>

Previously, the authorities had reported the death of five people in this neighborhood, the scene of regular deadly clashes between the security forces and organized crime gangs, particularly in drug trafficking.

Residents complained to local media about the police operation, during which of the homes would have been invaded.

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