Brazil welcomes the heart of its first emperor

The Brazil welcomes the heart of its first emperor

La relic, carried by the chief of police of the Portuguese city of Porto, Antonio Leitao daSilva, was received at the presidential palace.

Soldiers in period costumes, air show and solemn procession: Brasilia welcomed Tuesday with great fanfare the embalmed heart of Peter I, the first emperor of Brazil, on loan from Portugal.

Air force planes formed a heart shape in the sky with smoke over Three Powers Square, the ;epicenter of the Brazilian capital.

The nine-kilogram gold urn which contains the monarch's embalmed heart was escorted by members of the Corps of Independence Dragons, a sequence which is part of the celebrations of the bicentenary of the separation of Brazil from Portugal , September 7.

The President of Brazil with his wife Michelle with children surrounding the golden urn containing the embalmed heart of Emperor Peter I.

Peter I said the; independence from Brazil in 1822 and established a constitutional empire there, but abdicated nine years later and returned to Portugal, where he thwarted attempts to return to an absolute monarchy.

After his death, his personality was celebrated in both countries as a defender of liberal causes.

His heart had remained in the Church of Our Lady of Lapa in Porto, Portugal, while the rest of his body was transferred to Brazil in 1972 and rests in a monument dedicated to independence, in Sao Paulo.

For the first time outside Portuguese lands, the relic has received the honors of a state visit to Brazil since its arrival on Monday. It will be on display at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs until September 8, before returning to Porto.

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