Brice (Koh-Lanta) reveals the face of his sublime companion, after months of mystery

Since his participation in “Koh-Lanta”, Brice has made it a point of honor to keep the identity of his partner a secret. His secret garden, the adventurer loves it! Now the young couple have become parents of a little boy. And this is the opportunity for the athletic youth to let go of the ballast … by sharing the face of his beautiful in photos.
It marked the last season of Koh-Lanta , baptized Les 4 Terres . Brice, who represented the West, found himself alone after reunification. And thanks to his alliances, his strategic moves and his performances, the adventurer rose to the final! He won the mythical pole test , but it was ultimately Alexandra who emerged as the big winner of the game after the vote of the final jury. Brice’s victory is to be found elsewhere: he became the father of a little boy on December 9, 2020. But while the identity of the mother of the adorable Maël had remained secret, the adventurer reveals his face.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020, Brice took to his Instagram account to post two new black and white photos. Dorian’s sidekick in Koh-Lantastrikes the shirtless pose facing his other half. The pretty blonde appears in black underwear highlighting her rounded belly as a future mother , her lover’s white shirt on her back. ” At the time we were a couple, now we are a family … “, writes Brice visibly nostalgic for the last moments of pregnancy of his sweetheart. If the face and prenatal silhouette of the young woman have been revealed, there is no question for Brice to reveal her first name or any other information.

It must be said that the young 23-year-old radio host decided a long time ago not to expose his beautiful. Thus, before the broadcast of Koh-Lanta , Brice had taken care to remove all couple photos from his social networks. ” Quite simply because I chose to do Koh-Lanta , to have exceptional media coverage. My family follows me and has always supported me but did not choose this notoriety. My relatives did not choose to receive messages on social networks to know where I am, where I live or whatever it is , he explained to us . With us it is live happily, live hidden. I show a little bit of my family, of my partner without saying the first names or anything. I like to share with my subscribers but it can be dangerous so I prefer to be discreet. ”

Congratulations again to Brice and his partner for the arrival of their little Mael.

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