Britain estimated the losses of the Russian Federation in tanks and aircraft in the war with Ukraine

British estimates Russian losses in tanks and planes in war with Ukraine

In the war in Ukraine, the Russian army lost about 50% of the T-72B3 and T-72B3M tanks, as well as a large number of T-80s. This is stated in the report “The Military Balance” of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), the full version of which was reviewed by Der Spiegel.

The T-72B3 and T-72B3M are modern modifications of the Soviet T-72 tank. They are considered the main tanks of the Russian armed forces. Due to losses, the composition of the Russian armored vehicle fleet has changed. Now Russia is increasingly using old equipment, which is being returned to service from warehouses.

Experts estimated the loss of Russian front-line aviation at 6-8%. For some aircraft (for example, Su-24M bombers and Su-30SM multirole fighters — ed.), losses are 10-15%. According to researchers, the Russian Aerospace Forces also lost a large number of Su-25s and Su-34s.

At the same time, analysts say that Ukraine has lost about half of its front-line fighters.

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