Britain is ready to become a guarantor of a $525 million loan to Ukraine

Britain is ready to become a guarantor of a $525 million loan to Ukraine

The UK authorities have announced their readiness to provide $525 million as guarantees for a World Bank loan to Ukraine. This was reported on the website of the government of the country.

– The Ukrainian government fears that by the autumn it may run out of funding if it is not provided with urgent financial assistance. To help with this pressing need, the UK is ready to provide another $525 million in guarantees for a World Bank loan later this year.

The loan will help Ukraine meet the cost of salaries, maintenance of schools and hospitals, as well as other needs.

– These investments will help preserve the Ukrainian state. The UK covers the cost of the loan only if the Ukrainian government is unable to pay. Thus, they are both an investment in the strategic stability of Ukraine and an expression of confidence in the future of the country, the British government stressed.

The UK is confident that without international support, the Ukrainian government “will be forced to follow the path which endangers their macroeconomic stability and long-term economic security”, which will lead to massive inflation and a humanitarian catastrophe in the country.

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