British general: Ukrainian troops have achieved strategic success in Bakhmut

British general: Ukrainian forces achieve strategic success at Bakhmut

Ukrainian forces defending Bakhmut have achieved strategic success in this area, forcing the Russians to spend a huge amount of their manpower and equipment there. This opinion was expressed by the former Deputy Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces of NATO in Europe, British General Richard Shirreff on BBC Radio.

« a huge amount of manpower and equipment, which, if they take it, will probably be a pyrrhic victory,” said the British general.

< p>According to Shirreff, if the Russians had what they needed a few months ago, «we probably wouldn't be where we are».

«Therefore, it is necessary to accelerate the supply, integration, logistical support, training and everything else that needs to be done to provide Ukrainians with the tools they need to work», — Shirreff emphasized.

  • British intelligence reported that the Ukrainian defense of the city of Bakhmut was under increasing pressure, with intense fighting in and around the city.

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