British intelligence assessed the ability of the troops of the Russian Federation and Belarus to attack the north of Ukraine

British intelligence assessed the ability of Russian and Belarusian troops to launch an attack on northern Ukraine

The Russian and Belarusian military present in Belarus is currently not a force that can pose a serious threat to Ukraine from the north. This is stated in the intelligence report of the British Ministry of Defense.

On December 13, Belarus conducted an extraordinary check of the combat readiness of its troops. Military exercises are taking place in the north-west of Belarus, far from the Ukrainian border. In addition, Russia recently deployed additional units of mobilized reservists to Belarus.

Intelligence recalls that Belarus played a key role in supporting the Russian offensive on Kyiv on February 24, 2022.

& #171;However, the Belarusian troops conducting the exercises, and the Russian units are unlikely now to constitute a force capable of carrying out a new successful offensive against the north of Ukraine», — noted in the British defense department.

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