British intelligence assessed the chances of the Russian Federation for success in the area of ​​Ugledar and Pavlovka

British intelligence assessed Russia's chances of success in the area of ​​Ugledar and Pavlovka

British intelligence analyzed the situation and the chances of success for the Russian army in the area of ​​Ugledar and Pavlovka. This is stated in the intelligence summary of the UK Ministry of Defense.

It is noted that over the past three days, Russia has likely developed its reconnaissance attacks around the cities of Pavlovka and Vugledar into a more coordinated offensive.

These settlements are located 50 km southwest of Donetsk, and Russia already used the 155th Naval Infantry Brigade to storm the same area last November.

Elements of the 155th brigade are now again involved in the composition forces no less than a brigade. Probably, the occupiers advanced several hundred meters beyond the small river Kashlagach, which for several months marked the front line.

The report says that the Russian command is likely to develop a new axis of attack on the territory of Donetsk controlled by Ukraine area and divert Ukrainian troops from the Bakhmut direction, where fierce fighting is taking place.

British intelligence believes that there is a real possibility that Russia will continue to win local victories in this sector. However, it is unlikely that Russia has enough free troops in the area to achieve an operationally significant breakthrough.

  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the command post of the occupiers and the ammunition depot.

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