British intelligence: Equipment abandoned by the Russians in the Kharkiv region speaks of their panic and problems with the command

British intelligence: Equipment abandoned by Russians in Kharkiv region speaks of their panic and problems with command

The Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to consolidate their control over the recently liberated areas of the Kharkiv region, and the Russians, for the most part, have been withdrawn west of the Oskol River. This is stated in the intelligence report of the British Department of Defense.

Intelligence notes that over the past week, the Russian occupying forces retreated from the Kharkiv region in various ways. Thus, some units retreated in a relatively organized manner, while others fled in sheer panic.

During the retreat, the Russians abandoned valuable equipment needed to support the artillery style of warfare. Among such equipment is at least one counter-battery radar «Zoo» and at least one artillery control vehicle.

Intelligence believes that equipment abandoned in this way highlights the disorganized retreat of some Russian units and possible local violations of command and control.

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