British intelligence: Explosions at Russian airfields have become one of the biggest failures of the Russian army

British intelligence: Explosions at Russian airfields were one of the biggest failures of the Russian army< /p>

Russia is likely to move strategic bombers to disperse to different air bases after the «Engels» and near Ryazan. This is stated in the intelligence report of the British Department of Defense.

December 5, many open sources reported explosions at the airbase «Engels» in the Saratov region of Russia and at the Dyagilevo airbase near Ryazan. Two Tu-95 bombers were reportedly damaged at «Engels» and three people died in Diaghilev when a fuel truck exploded.

Intelligence notes that if Russia evaluates the incidents as deliberate attacks, it will certainly regard them as one of the most strategically significant failures of the defense system since its invasion of Ukraine .

Airbase «Engels» located more than 600 km from the Ukrainian border and is the main operational base of Russian long-range aviation in the western part of Russia. More than 30 heavy strategic bombers are stationed at this air base.

The British Defense Ministry admits that after the explosions, Russian bombers will be temporarily moved to disperse at various air bases. Also, serious punishment for those Russian officers who will be considered responsible for allowing these incidents is not ruled out.

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