British intelligence: Missile shortage forces Russia to rely more on close combat

British Intelligence: Ammunition shortage makes Russia increasingly reliant on close combat

The lack of shells in Russia makes it increasingly rely on stormtroopers and close combat. This is stated in the UK's daily intelligence report.

Intelligence refers, in particular, to a video where Russian conscripts complain that they are being thrown into the front lines with a minimum of equipment. On one of them, the Russian military says that they had to storm the fortified concrete area of ​​​​the Armed Forces of Ukraine, having only «small arms and shovels».

British intelligence explains that we are talking about infantry shovels MPL-50, invented back in 1869.

«The fact that they are still used as weapons underscores the brutality and low-tech combat that has become characteristic of most

The latest data indicates an increase in close combat in Ukraine.

The British Ministry of Defense explains this by the fact that the Russian the command continues to insist on offensive operations with less artillery support, since Russia does not have enough ammunition.

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