British intelligence: Occupiers go on the defensive almost along the entire front line

British intelligence: Occupiers on the defensive on almost the entire front line

Russian occupation troops go on the defensive in most sectors of the front line in Ukraine. This is stated in the intelligence report of the British Ministry of Defense.

According to intelligence, Russia reinforced some of its units west of the Dnieper with mobilized reservists, but this was due to the extremely low level of staffing. The review says that in September, Russian officers described companies in the Kherson direction as consisting of six to eight people each. At the same time, companies should be deployed from about 100 personnel.

The British Ministry of Defense associates the transition of the invaders to the defense with the fact that the extremely understaffed, poorly trained forces in Ukraine are still only capable of defensive operations. However, according to the British Ministry of Defense experts, even if Russia succeeds in securing long-term defensive lines in Ukraine, its operational plan will remain vulnerable.

To regain the initiative, the Russian occupiers will have to restore better, more mobile forces capable of dynamically countering the Ukrainian breakthroughs and conduct their own large-scale offensive operations.

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