British intelligence: Occupiers strengthen defenses in the south and prepare for battles for Kherson

British intelligence: Occupiers bolster defenses in south and prepare to fight for Kherson

The Russian occupation troops are fortifying a new line in the Kherson region, probably expecting battles for Kherson itself. This is stated in the intelligence report of the British Ministry of Defense.

After the breakthrough of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for 20 km in the north of the Kherson region, the invaders are probably trying to strengthen a new front line west of the village of Mylovoe. Heavy fighting continues along this line, especially in the western sector, where the Russian flank is no longer protected by the Ingulets River. Intelligence draws attention to the fact that the majority of Russians in this area — understaffed units of the Airborne Forces.

In addition, it was noted that in recent days the command of the invaders had ordered the evacuation of part of the civilian population from Kherson. According to intelligence officers, it is likely that they expect the fighting to spread to Kherson itself.

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